Origins: Inspired by Isadora

Another blast from the past for you. Here I am at sixteen celebrating summer in the Hamptons. This was my second year in New York. My mother had arranged a small house near the beach for me and my sister Crystie, who was the cutest ever six-year-old at the time. I loved watching over Crystie and that’s what I got to do that summer. We weren’t completely alone. My L.A. friend Martha, also sixteen, flew from California to join the fun. This photo reminds me of my love for dance and of one of my childhood idols Isadora Duncan who to me embodied freedom of self-expression and risk-taking in the service of creative adventures. That summer we had quite an adventure. Within a week of our arrival at this tiny house, someone came knocking at our door to warn us that an unprecedentedly powerful hurricane was heading our way. It was serious enough that we had to round up food and water supplies along with candles and matches and the windows had to be boarded up. When the storm hit, that night, Martha, Crystie & I received it with an Isadora Duncan sense of wild adventure.