Joan Baez: Filming with a Folk Music Icon

The people who are in your life say so much about you. Janis Ian has a magnificent array of friends and fans. Joan Baez is one of them. That’s why I interviewed Joan for for my documentary “Janis Ian: Breaking Silence.” Joan Baez clearly loves Janis and she was Janis’s hero when Janis was coming […]

Werner Herzog: On Meeting a Master

A sweet moment with Werner Herzog at the Aero Theater. I told him he makes the world more beautiful and he said he “tries”. To my filmmaker friends, I highly recommend his MasterClass ( as a source of inspiration. He shared his memoir and gorgeous film “Family Romance, LLC” with us. Werner’s unstoppable spirit is […]

Arlo Guthrie: Interview for “Janis Ian: Breaking Silence”

A moment of repose during our shoot with Arlo Guthrie at Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs. That afternoon, Arlo shared his unique insights into the shifting landscape of the American folk music tradition into the mid-1960s, the unique challenges of being a touring musician, as well as, his respect and admiration for his friend in […]

Origins: Jewish Film Institute Residency, Summer 2023

Thank you to the Jewish Film Institute for spotlighting my in-progress documentary “Janis Ian & The Art of Song.” I’m heartened to be welcomed into the Jewish Film Institute’s supportive and enriching filmmakers’ community, and honored to be making a film about such a masterful artist and beautiful human being–Janis Ian. A shout-out to my […]

Origins: Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me

Ashley Lewis, who is a good friend of mine and was a very good friend of Anna Nicole, is featured in Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me. She and I served as Consulting Producers on the project. I watched the Netflix premiere of Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me directed by Ursula Macfarlane […]

Origins: Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency, Spring 2023

The Rockefeller Foundation announced its 2023 Bellagio Residency Cohort and I am thrilled to be included. What an extraordinary experience to be a resident at Bellagio Center in Lake Como, Italy this month. Here I am standing outside the Santa Caterina studio assigned to me during my stay at the Bellagio Center Villa Serbelloni. I cherish […]

Origins: Grammy Win!

“Fandango at the Wall in New York” won a 2023 Grammy for “Best Latin Jazz Album”.  This photo of me with members of the Conga Patria Collective was taken at the Grammys moments after the award was announced. “Fandango at the Wall in New York” features the collaborative performance between maestro Arturo O’Farrill and his […]

Origins: Willie Nelson

Yes, that’s me and Willie Nelson. It was the late 1980’s at a venue somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and managed to establish myself as one of the “go to” Production Assistants in the region. The legendary Haskell Wexler was helming this commercial shoot […]

Origins: Brazil

Patrick & I fishing in the Amazon River during a trip to Brazil where we spent a dreamy and adventurous 6 weeks traveling for the pure joy of it. We met so many beautiful people and a marvelous guide who took us down the Amazon River to fish for lunch and later to see the […]

Origins: The Streets of San Francisco

Two PAs (Production Assistants), me, and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet Adam Moes on the streets of San Francisco working on one film production or another. I can’t remember which one. Could be “Crazy Like a Fox” or “Starman” or maybe a commercial. PAs would often arrive at dawn and leave well […]