Origins: Santa Fé, New Mexico

Do you believe in destiny? Whether or not you do, what we believe shapes our life. Here I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an artist I had just met. I’d graduated from high school and had pieced together a wild trip across the United States to celebrate. I was staying with Robert Love, […]

Origins: Elko, Nevada

I was still living in San Francisco when my friend Christopher Coppola called me to see if I would script supervise his first feature film, a period western about cowboy legend Hop-along Cassidy. He planned to shoot in Elko, Nevada at a huge ranch where I would have to stay as a lodger for several […]

Origins: Professor Sergey Ponomorev

I was a student at Cornell at the time. This is by far the most glamorous I have ever looked in a photo although I’m wearing a $10 sweatshirt I bought on sale in the campus store. Around this time, I was studying acting and my community was made up of truly lovely individuals like […]

Origins: Apricot Part Two

Patrick had already made his way halfway across the arts quad by the time I caught up with him. I invited him for dinner at my dorm’s cafeteria where I could bring guests for free because I had a part-time job in the kitchen. Patrick declined. He explained that he was recovering from a painful […]

Origins: Apricot Part One

It was day one of my sophomore year at Cornell University. The day my life was to be forever altered, blessed beyond my wildest dreams. It was the first day of Eva Marie Johnson’s acting class. The day I met Patrick.   About nine of us students piled into the small open space classroom on […]

Origins: Cornell University

This photo was taken during my first year at Cornell University. I had wanted to go to a college that had a strong performing arts program, especially in Dance because I loved modern dance and had a penchant for choreography, but my mother insisted that I go to an Ivy League if I wanted my […]

Origins: Zen Buddhism

Another blast from the past. A time jump from my last post about my childhood. I will go back, but for now, here I am with my sister Crystie soon after we arrived in New York City. By this point, I had lived on three continents, seven cities, and attended eight different schools. I actually […]

Origins: Dance

I’ve always loved to dance. Just before the pandemic hit, I started to look into local dance classes. I experience filmmaking as a form of dance. Movement, stillness, rhythm, pacing, emotion, sound, color, shapes, textures, imagery, form, story, surprise, universal truths, sleight of hand, illusion, light, shadow, nuance, shock, calm, insight, humor, music, sound effects… […]

Origins: First Love

This photo was taken in San Francisco by a lovely friend named Gardiner Hempel. I stayed at his house for the tail end of my “summer after high school” adventure from NYC to the Golden Gate. I enjoyed fun-filled flings in-between with a boy in Santa Fé and a girl Dallas. As far back as […]

Origins: Chemistry

According to the Encyclopedia, Britannica chemistry is “the science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of substances, the transformations they undergo, and the energy that is released or absorbed during these processes.” That’s what Patrick and I have. We have chemistry. When we are in each other’s presence our substance transforms releasing a […]