Origins: San Francisco, Chinatown

Unbelievably, I actually remember this red cap with white polka dots. Here my sister and I are at Fisherman’s Wharf perched beside San Francisco Bay. We’re wearing the patent leather shoes we traveled from England. I remember my first days at the all-girls private school where I finally landed. The girls found my name odd […]

Origins: Blue Cotton Candy

There is something transcendent about the appearance and texture of cotton candy. The way you can pluck a piece off that cloud of blue and pop it in your mouth. The crystalline texture melting against your tongue coating it with unapologetic sweetness. It was a rare treat. I had some fun times in San Francisco […]

Origins: Joy In The Tumult

The fates are full of surprises. Here I am in San Francisco with Julia Dean, the daughter of the Australian Consulate, with whom I immediately felt a commonality because she had traveled almost as much as I had by this point. I love Julia and her family, but she was a visitor, I was here […]

Origins: San Francisco Arrival

It’s me in San Francisco just days after we left London. I had just discovered Coco Puffs, peanut butter, and technicolor. I still remember the flavor of that first taste of Skippy. A week earlier, I was in distress. I didn’t want to leave England where my father still lived. My mother took me to […]

Origins: Emma Peel

Who are these filmmakers who make the films and shows we watch? 🎬 How do their personal histories and experiences shape their creative vision and the stories they tell? While I had some extraordinary experiences growing up, truly awesome adventures, and, thanks to my mother, received an incredibly privileged education, I’m also a survivor of a […]

Origins: Park Lane, London

I finally found a photo from the time we lived in London. My mother Charlotte was (and still is)as you see, knock-out gorgeous and smart as hell. At the time this photo was taken, she was a bank executive setting up huge international barter deals trading steel and other raw materials. She was an innovator […]

Origins : United Kingdom

I want to share with you a photo of me from my childhood days in London, but all I can find is this torn passport page. Incredibly, I remember being in that passport office—excited and at the same time apprehensive about my future. Moving from Israel to England was tough for me but I never […]

Origins: Israel, Departure

I was born in London, England, but spent a good part of my early childhood in Israel. My time in Israel was both joyous and tumultuous. My parents divorced by the time I turned three or maybe four. Then we moved a lot. I don’t know exactly when, but I remember the trauma of that […]

Origins: Purim

A little Jewish girl in Israel, all dressed up for Purim. A few days earlier she had made a new friend—-a giant tortoise she found in an empty lot near where she lived. She gave her friend some lettuce which she had snuck from the kitchen. Now boyish, with her roughly chopped hair, she was […]